Switch Your Straws

LaTonya Watkins

Posted on October 10 2018

Switch Your Straws

Moving toward a more environmentally conscious way of life starts with becoming more aware of the items you purchase. The anti plastic movement is moving forward strongly and we are urging all our party people, party snobs, event planners and party stylists to hop on board! Restaurants nationwide are banning plastic straws to help our environment because plastic is a detrimental hazard to our world. Just to get a glance into the plastic pollution problem look on the many Instagram videos of the oceans littered with trash and plastics #plasticpollutes. 

We want to encourage you to help fight plastic pollution. Here are ways you can be involved. 

  • If you are a restaurant only serve paper straws "upon request".  Only offer a paper straw if a customer specifically asks for one. You have so many options and fun colors and designs with paper straws. Restaurants can even design their own straws with the company logo, tagline or design with companies like Aardvark Straws. You can combat pollution and increase brand awareness at the same time. 
  • If you are a consumer you have the choice to say "no straw please" and encourage friends and family to join in on the movement as well. 
  • If you see a restaurant is still serving plastic straws you can also politely ask them to change their protocol and only serve paper straws by request. 

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