Recycled Paper Christmas Tree

How To Make A Recycled Paper Christmas Tree

I wanted a different type of Christmas tree this year. I get bored with the same tree over and over again (I need excitement) so I told myself that each year was going to be a different type of tree and this year I challenged myself to make it out of paper. I envisioned a couple of different ideas but ultimately decided to use techniques I knew and supplies that I already had in my possession. The tree came out amazing (in my opinion) and actually better than expected. 



Now for the complicated part....putting it all together. I'll try to explain the best way I can. (crossing fingers)

The top of the tree (the part under the curly tassels) is made with a pagoda paper lantern. The shape was more of the shape I was looking for and the correct size so I went with that. The color of the lanterns will not matter as they will be covered with paper. 

pagoda paper lantern with tissue tassels

The lantern should be fully covered with tassel toss. Start by applying each tissue strand with mod podge to the ribbing in the lantern. Space the tissue toss as far apart as need and overlap if you want the tree to be fluffy and full. 

I wanted an eco friendly type of tree so I used 100% recycled fiber tissue paper that has been hand cut to swirl. The tree is made with the tissue colors emerald green and holiday green but feel free to use any color that fits your Christmas theme. 

When the first lantern is completely covered then you will attach a larger lantern to the bottom with twine. Just tie it on in the bottom center of the lantern insert. For the next two lanterns we used jumbo sized lanterns. I believe they were both 36 inch but I could be wrong about that?? You should just pick one based on how wide you want the bottom. Cover both lanterns with tissue paper toss. 

jumbo paper lantern christmas tree

TIP---------> I recommend covering the lantern first before attaching to the top lantern. (I made that mistake and it was much more of a challenge trying to apply when hanging. 

paper christmas tree

paper christmas tree recycled


The ornaments on the tree are regular ornaments with hooks. I was able to hook the ornaments into the lanterns underneath. 

The star topper is made with a design on my Cricut out of gold foil card stock. You can of course make this star any color you prefer. 

Paper gold star christmas tree topper

Merry Christmas everyone!

Eco Friendly Paper Christmas Tree



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