Rainbow Rocks My Little Pony Equestria Party

Rainbow Rocks My Little Pony Equestria Party

We threw our daughter who was turning 5 an Equestria Girl My Little Pony party. It was such a fun theme and was constantly reminded by my daughter that she didn't want the "old school" My Lil Pony it had to be EQUESTRIA girls rainbow rocks! I spent months planning only to have so much go wrong and alot of the decor not being able to be put up because of the really hard winds that day. (That's the consequences of outside parties sometimes). The only thing that mattered is that she had an amazing day. All in all we managed to get a few pics which I will share here with you. 


I made guitar favor bags and  and bubble microphone favors. The bubble microphones were a big hit. I loved making them. I found them from the dollar store when they had their Easter stuff on sale. They reminded me of microphones so I got the idea to spray paint an glitter them and add a Styrofoam personalized stand. 

This is the candy bar. We managed to put some things up that wouldn't fly away. We found the musical note cupcakes at the Signature Kroger store. They were perfect. The cake you see is our quick replacement as you will see what happened to the original one below.

and here is the original cake that ended up falling on the car floor due to heavy winds...*sigh..it was sooo pretty. Oh well...on to the next party. 


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