Zero Waste Halloween Ideas

LaTonya Watkins

Posted on October 12 2019

Zero Waste Halloween Ideas

zero waste halloween

Halloween is my favorite time of year! Who doesn't like to dress up and be somebody you love for one day each year right? Just like with everything in my life I try to make occasions as waste free as possible if I can avoid it even if it is something small. Halloween is no exception to be wasteful so I'm going to provide some tips that hopefully you can implement this year for Halloween. If you only do one it can make a difference. Baby steps. 


halloween costumes by Conner Baker

Halloween costumes are fun to buy and much more fun to make. You can buy costumes from popular party shops like Party City , Target or Walmart. You can also opt for a "preloved" costume from secondhand stores like Goodwill or any local thrift stores. Whichever option you choose after Halloween you should recycle the outfit back to a thrift store if you will not be wearing the costume next year. We know that most people are not the same character that they were the previous year so donating a costume to a friend or thrift store would keep the costume out of the landfill and can be reused by someone else for their next Halloween. 


trick or treat haley phelps

When trick or treating you have many options for treat bags to collect candy in. You can go old school and decorate a pillowcase. You can DIY or purchase a personalized bag like these we found here on Qualtry. Trick or treat bags get bought and discarded again and again each year. You can design a Halloween treat bag out of a paper bag like the kind you get from the grocery stores or get one of the reusable shopping bags that don't need to be discarded after. 


Pumpkins decorations drew hayes

When decorating your home or outdoors think of things that you will reuse again for years to come. Republic Of Party makes some great Halloween decor like the lanterns or garland that can transform from party to home with ease. Pumpkins are also a popular home decor and can be put in a compost or cooked. You can grow the pumpkins for next year from the compost or you can try some great recipes like pumpkin bread or pampoenkoekies (South African Friters) from Immaculate Bites. 


Halloween party by evan dvorkin

If you will be throwing a Halloween bash this year consider setting out recycling bins for your guests to throw out their soda cans, water and beer bottles. Instead of using disposable plates, cups and cutlery use dinnerware already in your pantry or opt for recycled or compostable ware like these from Green Paper Products where you can buy in bulk or small quantities to suit your party size. 

happy halloween by mel poole



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