Red paper lantern DIY kit

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red diy paper lantern kit

Perfect additions to parties, weddings, birthdays and showers. Easy assembly and step by step instructions. This 10-inch lantern is as sturdy as it is functional. The sturdy wire expander allows the lantern to hang for extended periods, with or without lighting, without buckling. The lightweight rice paper shell offers durability with the ability to be hung with the thinnest of fishing line. And the wire ribbing throughout the diameter, means that it won't lose its shape over time.

Kit Includes:
- 100% recycled Paper Circles 
-10 inch paper lantern
-DIY instructions

Size: 10 inches
Color: Red

Please note this is for the KIT ONLY.

Colors can be customized

*Results may be different than pic shown above depending on how you choose to apply paper circles.

When using either the nylon or paper hanging lanterns with mains powered light bulbs you MUST adhere to the following guidelines 
8” – 10” lanterns: max wattage 40W
12” – 16” lanterns: max wattage 60W
18” – 22” lanterns: max wattage 100W
24” lanterns: max wattage 150 W
30” lanterns: max wattage 200W
36” lanterns: max wattage 300W

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the selected light bulb does not exceed that maximum rating of either the lantern or the lamp/light fitting which the lantern is fitted to. The light bulb MUST be positioned in the middle of the lanterns, and the lantern should be at least 6.5” (16.5cm) from the ceiling